Post date: Jun 17, 2011 11:15:8 AM

We have been able to get some of our docks in, and will be able to accommodate fishing boats this week-end for the LCI - launch is usable, however you will need to get your feet wet in order to get to the bring your wading boots! Hope to have the rest of the docks in by the end of the week-end, and start launching boats after that. We will have the coffee on Sat & Sun morning, and hot dogs and SP&O sandwiches available both days.....stop in to say Hi if you're out on the lake!!

We would like to thank all of our terrific customers for their patience and understanding this Spring....from what I am hearing, we are one of the luckier marinas on the lake - have heard some up north are not opening until August 1, and others not at all this year - hopefully things will turn around for them and they will be up and running sooner than expected.